This year was my first Blender Conference, and I can certainly say that I’ll be back again next year.

The conference was a few weekends ago, but I’ve only just returned from a bit of an extended holiday/HDRI shooting trip in Northern Germany that I patched onto the end of the conference.

So without further ado, here’s a bunch of pics I took at the conference, starting with some of my favourites :)

S J Bennett (quollism) and Hjalti

Alexander Mitzkus (zuggamasta)

Andrew trying desperately to impress his wife, Chloe

Something serious going on at Andy‘s desk

Hjalti and SJ again

Kjartan Tysdal hiding in a dark corner

Sybren taking a beautiful portrait of Andrew

Martijn Berger (juicyfruit) and Mai Lavelle

Thomas Beck (plasmasolutions)

Me! Zuggamasta borrowed my camera while I shot an HDRI in the institute and Francesco stared at my ass

Dalai, Kjartan, Sebastian’s arms, some hidden people, Bastian, Luca, Simeon, Matt, Pablo and Francesco, who gave a speech – not pictured is myself and Richard Colburn just behind the camera

And now for the real photo dump! Click for higher res – and if you reaaaally want a full-res image (~7k x 4k) for some reason, just email me.

Consider these all CC0.

Well that’s it for this year! Hope to see you at the next one :)

5 thoughts on “Blender Conference 2016 Photo Dump

  1. amazing photos! I soooo wish I were there! Thanks for the upload..

  2. Hey, the guy talking to Francesco is Manuel Albert ( Thanks for putting these up.

  3. Really nice pictures! I hope to find some time off from work next year and be there.

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