Pale Blue Dot.

I stumbled upon a thread on reddit where someone quoted a famous speech by Carl Sagan, referring to a famous photo of the Earth taken by the Voyager 1 space probe from 6 billion kilometers away – the most distant creation of humanity. It wasn’t the first time I’d read it or even seen the photo, but it still inspired me to find the original photo to use as my wallpaper.

Yet the original is pretty low resolution (the probe was launched in 1977),so I decided to recreate the photo in Blender in order to render it with as many pixels as I like :)


Blend file:

License of both images and blend file is CC0 (public domain).

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Blender Institute HDRI

Download Free HDRI - blender_institute

I don’t know how useful this HDRI will be to anyone, but it’s a fun one to have anyway :)


Licensed as CC0 (basically public domain, do whatever you want with it :)

This was shot in the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, just after the Blender Conference 2016. The Monday after the conference was reserved for a sort of open-day at the Institute, hoards of people could come and see what goes on there and spend the day chatting about all things Blender. This was of course a bit later in the evening when most people had already gone home, with just a few devout acolytes and the institute staff remaining.

More photos from the conference if you’re interested.

Blender Conference 2016 Photo Dump

This year was my first Blender Conference, and I can certainly say that I’ll be back again next year.

The conference was a few weekends ago, but I’ve only just returned from a bit of an extended holiday/HDRI shooting trip in Northern Germany that I patched onto the end of the conference.

So without further ado, here’s a bunch of pics I took at the conference, starting with some of my favourites :)