And Then There Was Cake (WIP)




Last weekend’s challenge on BA was themed Conciliate – which is basically the root word for reconcile – and means to stop someone being angry, or make them a friend.

I had something a bit more ambitious in mind, but I worked all day Saturday and Sunday and could only get this far. So, I’ll continue this later when I have some more time!

This is actually the second time I’ve modeled a Companion Cube… no idea what happened to the other one, but it probably had crap topology anyway :P I’ll upload this one (and the cake) to blendswap sometime soon.

Cube of Doom

Batteries not included

Batteries not included

Another little personal project. A doodle of sorts. It has no purpose.

It’s an old model from a blendernerd tutorial (fixed up a bit), re-shaded and textured with, yes, Cycles.

In highschool we had a subject called Engineering and Graphics Design which we all had to take for the first two years. I caught on really quickly (this was pre-blender-obsession) and enjoyed it a whole lot. Why I didn’t take it further? I don’t know. I suppose I would be an entirely different person now if I had taken it instead of IT or Art, so I think I’m glad. One of my best friends took it so I got to see what they all did there anyways, and it didn’t look like much fun. Anyways, this image reminds me of those days because we would always draw from an isometric point of view (an orthographic camera where the X and Y axis are symmetrical… I think)

It’s a 1080p image and well suited to be a desktop background even if I say so myself :)