Camera Stabilisation with FFmpeg

Now before you shout me down with your “Blender can do that!” patriotism, let me first explain how you would do it in Blender:

  • Open Blender, Import the footage into the Movie Clip Editor
  • Track a few markers (which might be tricky, since your footage is so shaky)
  • Enable 2D stabilization and assign those markers
  • Enable Display Stabilization and be shocked at how cropped your video is now
  • Spend the next half hour tweaking settings until you’ve got an acceptable video
  • And finally render it out (without forgetting the audio!) to a format (you hope) your TV or YouTube will understand using a limited number of encoding controls.

So that works, sure, but if you’re looking for something really quick and easy that gives you a huge amount of optional control over the output file, give our friend FFmpeg a try! Continue Reading…