First Successful HDR Panorama

For several months (more than a year even?) I’ve been trying on and off to find a way to create HDR panoramas. 360 degree equirectangular panoramic high dynamic range image, to use for lighting.

And recently I’ve finally had success o/

Might be because I’ve got a decent DSLR camera now, or simply that I understand the process a bit better. Either way, expect a whole bunch of these in the future, and some how-to’s (because “tutorial” is too mainstream) on how to make your own on a budget (or no budget at all).

For now, here’s my first successful one:



Test render using only the HDR for lighting

Test render using only the HDR for lighting

Download HDR IBL image (2048×1024 – 5.7 MB)
(Licenced CC0)

Yes this is my lounge… and yes that is a cat.

One thing this tought me is to pay more attention to white balance. I figured I could just fix that in post, but it’s not as simple as that when theres about 120 images to edit and retain their raw color depth and exif data. The image is a bit more blue than it should be, but lesson learnt!

  • bikerpilot

    Can’t wait for the “how to” . I’ve been struggling with this for a while, even with a decent dSLR.

  • tungerz

    Hi Greg,
    I will also be looking foward to these series. If you don’t mind sharing your set up like… which dlsr did you go with?

  • Very nice result. Looking forward on your “how to’s”.

  • Looks good man. Free HDRs are always welcome :). Licensing? Can we use this for anything?
    If you’re using Camera Raw in CS6, you can open multiple RAW files and change their balance (and other things) at the same time.
    Looking foward to the how-to

  • Wedel

    Nice :) +1 for the how-to.

  • pandoras

    Im working on a same Project, got a DSLR with a 8mm wide-angel, but im working on a Panoramic Head, the cheapest aviable im my region is 400Fr.- to expensiv for me. But without it, i got a huge Problem with Parallax errors, wich make it impossible to stitch a Panorama together. Im using Hugin as OSS Panorama-Stitcher, works pretty fine.

    • Dear pandoras, hope all’s well. Thanks for sharing about Hugin, we’re looking forward to checking it out. Kind regards from Osaka78

  • Adrian

    Hi Greg
    After i read your article i stumbled across this one and you might want to check it out:
    looks like a nice book, very usable free software Toolset with the possibility to write a blender loader script.

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  • Thanks, great HDR images.

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