Taking the Plunge

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been working for Blender Guru for the last few months. It started back in February when Andrew asked me to write a single article for him, and soon became a more permanent job. My task was to produce articles and short tutorials for the site, including management of other contributors.

Now I realize that for most beginners, and probably some of the more professional Blender artists too, working for the Andrew Price sounds like the perfect dream job. You get to stay at home all day and make awesome crap with an audience of thousands of people, right?

Perhaps… but it’s not for me.

It’s taken me 6 months to realize this, but I’ll never be satisfied working full-time for someone else. At least not permanently.

My freedom and independence is important to me, so rather than devote a good portion of my youth to a job that I don’t truly enjoy, I’ve resigned from Blender Guru.

But… what now?

While I’m still living with my parents and have relatively few expenses, this is the perfect opportunity (financially speaking) to try out some of my own business ventures.

I don’t care much for fame and fortune, but I know eventually I’ll need to survive on more than the few bucks I get from the Blender Market each month.

So here’s the plan:

  • HDRI Haven. Yes, I’m going to sell some HDRIs, but don’t worry too much, the low-res versions will always be free.
  • Add-ons. I’ll continue developing Blender add-ons, and selling a handful of those that are the most valuable.
  • Training material. I’m pretty confident that I can team up with CG Masters or CG Cookie again to make some tutorials, or possibly even the Blender Cloud.
  • Freelance. This goes without saying really.

The thing that excites me most about working for myself is not the fact that I can wake up whenever I want and play Skyrim all day without feeling too guilty, it’s that I’ll finally have the time to work on my own projects, whatever they may be.