Suzanne’s Revenge!



Not what you were expecting? Didn’t think so ;)

A while back I did a collaboration with the amazing Chris Kuhn for the sole purpose of fun and releasing the files on BlendSwap. We made a pirate ship. We decided early on what the ship would be called, but other than that we weren’t even sure what style to do it in.

All we knew was that Chris would do the modeling and I would do the texturing and rendering. However, the one thing I did want to model was the prow of the ship (the bit in the front that’s usually some kind of statue).

After much thought, I it might be fun to make it a one eye’d T-Rex. So I did! I sculpted him and textured him… and then realized that he has nothing to do with the ship’s name. So one last minute decision later and a certain familiar monkey is sitting up there instead.

I’m not upset that this guy didn’t get up there, he doesn’t really fit in, but I just thought I’d share him anyways so that he doesn’t get lonely on my hard drive :) Here’s the finished ship if you haven’t seen it (and download it!)

(yeah the ocean is crap)

(yeah the ocean is crap)

I’ve got a bunch of other slightly abandoned projects I’ll be posting soon, so stay tuned!

And as always, rendered with cycles ;)

2 thoughts on “Suzanne’s Revenge!

  1. Hi Greg. Textures link is broken. Could you please upload them again? Thanks