Report Broken “Online Manual” Links


In the right-click menu on (almost) any button is an “Online Manual” link. While useful, many of them don’t work – but that’s where you come in!

If you ever stumble upon any of these broken links, just let me know in this thread or in the comments below. It’ll show an error in the info bar similar to “No reference available ‘CyclesRenderSettings.seed’, Update info in ‘’ or callback to bpy.utils.manual_map()

In the next couple weeks I’ll be fixing as many as I can.

2 thoughts on “Report Broken “Online Manual” Links

  1. This is great, I’ll be on the lookout these broken links. Once it’s closer to complete, I’ll have an incentive to use it. Honestly, I had not paid much attention to this particular learning tool.

  2. Hey Greg, I’ve nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award because you have such a helpful and awesome blog. You can see more here about it: