[HDRI] Golden Gate

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Turns out pretty scenery does actually make for nice image-based-lighting ;)

I went on holiday with my family last weekend to the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, just North of Lesotho and down the road from Bethlehem (not that one).

I took a crapload of photos that I’ll upload sometime, surprisingly even more than I did when I went to see Rex in Scotland for three weeks (which I suppose I never mentioned here), but that’s probably because many of them were sets of different exposures as well as two (HDR) timelapses and two of these HDR panos (yes, another one coming in a few days alas, that second one failed :/ I accidentally twisted the lens to a higher focal length and thus there was not enough overlap to stitch with)


5 thoughts on “[HDRI] Golden Gate

  1. Thanks for sharing, Greg.

    Added to the Greg Zaal HDRI folder. ;)


  2. Holy shit, this is one of the highest quality environment maps I’ve ever seen and it’s bloody Creative Commons.

  3. Haha, thanks! Yeah no point keeping them to myself :P