New Custom Motion Blur Curves

A couple of weeks ago, Sergey implemented the ability to control the exact appearance of motion blur streaks by using a simple curve widget in the render settings:

moblur_curves_drawFrom the initial patch:

Previously shutter was instantly opening, staying opened for the shutter time period of time and then instantly closing. This isn’t quite how real cameras are working, where shutter is opening with some curve. Now it is possible to define user curve for how much shutter is opened across the sampling period of time.

This could be used for example to make motion blur trails softer.

Shutter curve now can be controlled using curve mapping widget in the motion blur panel in Render buttons. Only mapping from 0..1 by x axis are allowed, Y values will be normalized to fill in 0..1 space as well automatically.

Y values of 0 means fully closed shutter, Y values of 1 means fully opened shutter.

8 thoughts on “New Custom Motion Blur Curves

  1. Oh it just had to be a patch didn’t it… dammit I wish I was one of these smart people who knew how to recompile blender…. Waiting for it to come to the master, till then, thanks Sergey. :)

    • Oh no it’s in master already :) just grab a build from – it just started as a patch in order to get feedback from other devs.

      • Still, is there anywhere guys like me who have forgotten everything about programming can go to figure out how to recompile blender?

  2. Divine Providence

    I’d be interested in seeing specific use cases, and also seeing animated shorts rendered with different effects to see the curves in action for practical uses :)

    • The first thing that came to mind for me was a very simple Larson Scanner. Maybe it’s time to model a cylon…

  3. Amazing! Thanks for the info, @gregzaal:disqus. Is it just me or I get excited like a kid every time features like these come in? ;)

  4. I can see this especially awesome when modelling the shutter of certain cameras: