Commonly Ignored Feature #18: Alt-Click


If you Alt-Click on a property, it’ll work on all the selected objects at once, not just the active object. This works on most properties, including modifiers (as long as all the modifiers have the same name, which they do by default).

I don’t think it needs any more explanation than that :)

13 thoughts on “Commonly Ignored Feature #18: Alt-Click

  1. Hi. Good tip but for me it dont work.
    here gif of what i mean
    When i press alt + LMB blender think i want scroll window updown. Did you have any custom tweaks to this tip work?

    • You probably have “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” on, turn it off.

      Great tip Greg!

      • yes – you right without “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” it work – but then without it i can not use tablet at all. Navigation with stylus just turn off. Any advice?

      • Thank you Pablo! Is this Alt+LMB command able to be changed from the preferences in Blender 2.8 so it CAN be used with Emulate 3 button mouse turned on? Thanks!

  2. It is known that this conflicts with ‘Emulate 3 Button Mouse’ but unfortunately there was no free key available, so we had to accept this and went with ‘Alt’.

    Plan is to make multi-editing default behavior though, so that you don’t have to press any key anymore.

    • Oops, should be reply to LPS.

    • Jaroslav Novotny

      Great news that multi-editing will be default! I always considered the only-on-active way as a big design flaw.

    • the question is when, since it was created it should have been default…
      also there should be a way to control the size of the proportional editing like you would do in sculpting mode… and the same with adding multiple subdivisions at least with the latter one you have f6 to get the number of subdivisions afterwards.

  3. Even with the “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” turned off, it doesn’t work at all.

    • Are you using 2.75 or later?

      • Yup. 2.76b, 32-bit, Windows 7. Even after resetting blender to factory settings, e.g. subdivision modifier applied with alt+LMB on four objects only appears on the active one.

  4. acaban de ahorrarme mil horas de flujo de trabajo :D

  5. Ha.. just discovered this tip.. This is worth gold!
    Thanks for the tip!