[HDRI] Oribi

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Unfortunately this one isn’t so good. The sun doesn’t give very harsh shadows, and the sky is a bit patchy.

This one was actually taken the day after the Golden Gate one, on a trail named after the “Oribi” buck,  but I’ve only posted it now because it was pretty screwed up.

Entire pieces of the pano were missing that I had to paint by hand. Which is hard, because photoshop doesn’t really support painting on 32-bit images so I basically had to use the clone brush alone to fill in the gaps. It’s not so noticeable on the ground, but the sky is really tricky to get a smooth gradient with nothing but a clone tool.

Anyway, I could have tried harder, but this one was taken in a rush and doesn’t have a very high range of values (hence the really soft shadows and lack of colour in the sunlight) so it wouldn’t be worth it.

I really need to get a wider lens.

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  1. Make sure you hide your equipment bags!

  2. Thanks a lot, looks great!