[HDRI] Fish Eagle Hill

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The Pilanesberg is a nice little game reserve that is only a 2 hour’s drive from where I live. My family and I go there every year for a week-long holiday, so naturally I brought my tripod with last time and took this HDR behind some rocks at a picnic spot next to the Mankwe Dam just after the sun had set.

A little more about the Pilanesberg from Wikipedia:

This vast circular geological feature is ancient even by geological standards as it is the crater of a long extinct volcano and the result of eruptions some 1,200 million years ago. It is one of the largest volcanic complexes of its type in the world.

Looks pretty interesting from above:



3 thoughts on “[HDRI] Fish Eagle Hill

  1. The quality only gets better and better. Thanks for another great HDR!

  2. Hey fellow South African Blender user. Thanks for the HDR it always comes in handy for lighting some of my title graphics and models.