Rolling Shutter Coming to Cycles

Sergey is working on another cool motion-blur-related(ish) feature: The rolling shutter effect, which you find in most photo and video cameras these days.

This is presumably to help with integrating renders with fast moving camera footage, but of course you can use it for whatever crazy purpose you desire ;)

It’s not in master just yet, but there’s a solid patch awaiting review:

This is an attempt to emulate real CMOS cameras which reads sensor by scanlines and hence different scanlines are sampled at a different moment in time, which causes so called rolling shutter effect. This effect will, for example, make vertical straight lines being curved when doing horizontal camera pan.

Sergey did a quick render test to demonstrate it a bit more clearly:

(with rolling shutter)

(with rolling shutter, a vertical pole is moving left to right)

(without rolling shutter)

(without rolling shutter)

Here’s a pretty cool video showing a real camera in slow motion, where you can clearly see what causes the rolling shutter effect:

And of course, I have to show the appropriate Vsauce video for this :)


7 thoughts on “Rolling Shutter Coming to Cycles

  1. Ah, another great news! I’m curious what crazy effects creatives can do with this. :)

  2. Jaroslav Novotny

    Haha the picture is just a modeled distorted pole! Not a render test with rolling shutter. Get outta here – the background plane is not ain’t gonna outsmart blenderheads.

  3. This could be fantastic! Rolling shutter has been a real problem for match-moving with no good solution for a long time. I’ve tried and failed to find any good way to remove it, but I never thought of just reproducing it for the generated elements! I know that getting a good solve when match-moving footage with a lot of rolling shutter and matching the rolling shutter on the CGI are two different problems, but this is still a really important step! I do a lot of match-moving and other integration of video with Blender elements, so I’m always excited to see advances in areas that help that! Thank you so much for doing this!

  4. Michael Zimmermann

    Great News !!!

    Just a few weeks ago, I came across some rolling shutter images (actually on 9gag I think :) and implemented a small demo of that effect for propellers in a simple mathematical tool called GeoGebra for my personal understanding. When I read rolling shutter is coming to my favourite 3D software I felt it was time to clean it up a little and share it with you guys. You can have a look on a completely interactive (browser-based) demo of some rolling shutter artifacts for propellers here: . I’m referencing another article on that topic from Jason Cole there.

    Keep up the good work !